Emissions inventory reporting

The Emissions Inventory

We require certain regulated sites to report to us each year their releases to air and water, and waste transferred from site. This is information that has to be collected by the UK government to meet its national and international reporting requirements for the National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory, the European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register and the UK Pollutant Release and Transfer Register.

Who needs to report

If your site is required to report, you will have received a Regulation 61 Notice when your permit was issued.

When to report

You must provide emissions data annually.  

The online reporting system will be available to you from the second week of February each year. The deadline for submitting data is 31 March.

You must report emissions data for the previous calendar year.

If you do not report by 31 March we may take legal action against you.

How to report

You must make your annual return online at https://prtr.defra.gov.uk/data-entry-system. It is not possible to submit a paper return.  

Even if your operation has closed down during the reporting year, you must submit data for the period that you were operating. If you have not operated, and have no emissions to report, you should check, and update if necessary, your facility details and make a nil return. To make a nil return you should leave the release and transfer details blank but submit both the empty release and the empty transfer. It is helpful if you include a comment in one of the remarks field to say that it is a nil return.

You will receive an email reminder to complete the inventory each year, so we recommend that you keep your details up to date with us. 

Instructions for completing the return are available on the online reporting system login page. Guidance on how to calculate your releases is given in the Emissions Inventory Reporting guidance below. 

If you have problems using or gaining access to the system, contact us at prtr.national.manager@cyfoethnaturiolcymru.gov.uk

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