Guidance to help you comply with your environmental permit

Our Sector Guidance Notes (SGNs) aim to provide operators and our regulatory officers with advice on indicative standards of operation and environmental performance, relevant to the industrial sector concerned.

Technical Guidance Notes (TGNs) describe the standards and measures you must use to control the most common risks of pollution from your activity. They are vital to help you understand how to comply with the conditions or rules of your permit.

How to comply with your permit

How to comply with your environmental permit guidance

Surface treatment of metals and plastics by electrolytic and chemical processes additional guidance

Clinical waste additional guidance

Mining waste operations additional guidance

Intensive farming additional guidance

Fire prevention and management plans

Fire prevention and mitigation plan: waste management guidance

Technical guidance notes

Sampling requirements for stack emission monitoring

Monitoring PM10 and PM2.5

Monitoring of discharges to water and sewer

Monitoring enclosed landfill flares

How to comply with your landspreading permit

How to surrender your environmental permit: additional guidance for landfill and other permanent deposits of waste

CHP ready guidance for combustion and energy from waste power plants

CHP ready assessment template

Monitoring of stack gas emissions from medium combustion plants and specified generators

Specified generator TB screening tool

Environment Agency guidance

There are links out to the Environment Agency guidance on, and other supporting guidance which we are continuing to follow, including:

Monitoring of particulate matter in ambient air around waste facilities

Landfill sector technical guidance

Treating waste to thermal desorption

There are also many industry guidance documents that may help you to understand standards, and put appropriate measures in place to control your activities and prevent pollution.

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