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Industrial and Commercial Waste Survey

The survey of industrial and commercial (I & C) waste generated in Wales for 2012 calendar year was carried out by RSK Environment Ltd in partnership with Urban Mines, and managed by Natural Resources Wales on behalf of the Welsh Government that funded the project. Ainsworth & Parkinson, Groundwork in Wales and WRc also provided support on the project

Industrial and Commercial waste generated in Wales 2012

Data was collected from 1,540 business sites of differing sectors and sizes throughout Wales between July 2013 and December 2013. The data was grossed up using population data to regional and national level in Wales.

Main findings

  • Welsh industrial and commercial sectors generated an estimated 3.7 million tonnes of waste
  • 55 per cent was industrial
  • 45 per cent was commercial
  • The preparation for re-use, recycling & composting rate for industrial and commercial waste generated combined was 58% and the land disposal rate was 26%

Type of waste

The most significant type of I&C waste generated was non metallic wastes, 29 per cent, followed by mixed wastes, 22 per cent, mineral wastes, 21 per cent and animal & vegetal wastes, 10 per cent.

Management of waste

In relation to how these wastes were managed:

  • 1.6 million tonnes, 42 per cent, was recycled
  • 963 thousand tonnes, 26 per cent was disposed of via landfill
  • 544 thousand tonnes, 15 per cent, was prepared for re-use
  • 196 thousand tonnes, 5 per cent, was sent for land recovery
  • 143 thousand tonnes, 4 per cent, was sent for incineration
  • 34 thousand tonnes 1 per cent, was composted

Hazardous waste

An estimated 239 thousand tonnes of hazardous waste was generated by industry and commerce in 2012 out of a total waste generation of 3.6 million tonnes (7%). The estimated split of this was 159 thousand tonnes industrial (67%) and 80 thousand tonnes commercial (33%). The main hazardous waste types generated were Chemical and Healthcare & biological wastes.

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