Construction and demolition waste survey for 2019

The construction and demolition waste survey for Wales is managed by Natural Resources Wales on behalf of Welsh Government.

Running from April to September 2021, it will record the waste produced by 500 construction and demolition businesses in Wales during 2019.

This work is required to:

  • identify what new recycling and waste treatment facilities may be needed around Wales
  • monitor performance against National Waste Strategy targets including waste minimisation, recycling and diversion from landfill
  • generate statistics for statutory reporting purposes

Your participation in the survey provides Welsh Government with crucial information that could result in additional infrastructure to help you better manage your waste. 

Who will deliver the survey

We have commissioned SLR Consulting and Anthesis to deliver this survey, in partnership with the charity Groundwork Wales.

Companies will be selected at random and contacted by phone to take part in the voluntary survey.

The survey will be carried out remotely and the trained surveyor will log data on all waste streams generated in the 2019 calendar year, including what happened to these wastes.

If you are contacted to take part

To ensure that the results are statistically valid, businesses are randomly selected from data provided by the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

When contacted, if you agree to take part, our representative will arrange a time for an interview appointment with you. Your interview will also be conducted remotely by phone or video call. We will aim to collect the information we need with minimal impact on your business or your time

Information we need to collect

We need to collect basic information about the waste you produced per project, including what happened to it after it left your site. To be able to properly aggregate this data, we will also need to check both the type and size of your business.

Please prepare for the interview by collecting this data and ensuring you have it handy at the time of the interview, as this should considerably reduce the length of the interview.

If you don’t have data for individual projects undertaken in Wales in 2019, we can take annual aggregated data based on the total waste produced by your business.

Waste produced in 2019 on your site(s)

  • We need to record all wastes produced by your business in 2019 per project. This includes waste leaving site for disposal or recycling, and wastes/materials re-used on site
  • If the same waste is disposed of in a number of different ways, this needs to be recorded
  • The form and hazardous nature of each waste stream is also recorded
  • We will also want to record the approximate composition of any mixed waste streams

Annual tonnage of these waste streams

The aim is to base annual tonnage per waste stream on information contained within your invoices or waste transfer notes or other documentation. This will detail either direct quantities collected by your waste contractor per project and in tonnes, or some or all of the following from which weight can be calculated:

  • Type of bins/skips/containers and capacity
  • Frequency of collection
  • How full (%) the containers are on collection
  • Whether your waste production is affected by seasonal factors

If appropriate documentation is not available, the surveyor has the tools to be able to make an estimation based on the discussion. The source of this quantitative data is also recorded.

Your use of waste contractors

For each waste stream, we will ask you to confirm whether you use a private contractor, local authority or other organisation for collection and onward treatment, recycling or disposal.

What waste management procedure you use for each waste stream

Options include:

  • Landfill
  • Land recovery
  • Incineration with Energy Recovery
  • Incineration without Energy Recovery
  • Treatment
  • Recycling
  • Composting
  • Reuse or preparation for reuse

This needs to indicate the final destination of the waste. We also need to record where (i.e. rough location inside or outside Wales) this waste management took place.

How we'll use your data

Your company details will only be used by the personnel booking the interview and those carrying out the survey. Information collected from you will only be used for the purpose of this survey and will be aggregated so that it will not be possible to identify individual company data.

The survey will culminate in an analysis at regional and national level and only aggregated data will be used.

Your data will only be used for the purpose of this survey. It will be kept secure and will not be provided to any other organisation. The independent surveyors are not government employees and are not interested in how you run your operation, nor are they looking for any infringements of waste legislation.

Survey results

The anonymous aggregated survey data, along with grossed up data and subsequent interpretation, will be presented in a final report due March 2022. This report will be published in the public domain.

Read a copy of the last construction and demolition waste report from 2012.

Contact us

For more information on this survey, its delivery and use of data, please contact:

  • Anthesis on the survey helpline 020 4534 3408 or by email
  • Marcus Fogarty at Natural Resources Wales, email
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