Apply for a flood risk activity permit (FRAP)

Use this service if you will be working on or near a main river, flood defence, sea defence or flood plain.

Before you start

Read how to complete a flood risk activity permit application so that you are ready to provide the detail we need about your activities.

We will ask you about:

  • the applicant
  • the landowner
  • any pre-application reference
  • what type of flood risk activity you are applying for
  • site location
  • the work you want to do
  • when you plan to start and finish
  • any existing environmental permits or consents 
  • any planning permission reference 
  • who will be responsible for looking after the site
  • payment details - charges are calculated when you submit your application 


We will make a decision within 2 months of receiving a complete application and correct fee

If we have any concerns, or anything is missing from your application, we will contact you. This may affect the agreed timescale.

Get more help with your application

We provide a one to one advice service to help you understand legal requirements when undertaking certain activities and assist with the application process.

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