Local authorities are responsible for dealing with most types of small scale fly-tipping on publicly owned land including roads and lay-bys.

Report fly-tipping to your local authority through Fly-tipping Action Wales.

Report serious illegal waste dumping

We investigate:

  • larger scale incidents of fly-tipping (generally those involving more than a lorry/tipper load of waste)
  • incidents involving hazardous waste
  • organised gangs of fly-tippers

These have a greater potential harm to human health and damage the environment.

Report large-scale waste dumping to us.

Fly-tipping Action Wales

You can find the advice you need to get rid of waste safely, legally and responsibly on the Fly-tipping Action Wales website.

Fly-tipping Action Wales is a partnership initiative, sponsored by the Welsh Government and coordinated by us to tackle fly-tipping.

It’s made up of 50 partners including the 22 local authorities in Wales, the national police and fire services, the National Farmers’ Union and many more.

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