The Natural Resources Body For Wales (Limitation Of Net Fishing Licences) Order 2017

It is proposed to have the new controls in place for the 2018 season.


The continuing fall in the number of returning adult salmon and sea trout to Welsh rivers has reached unprecedented lows in recent years and now threatens the future of many fisheries.

We are considering a number actions and measures which will help actively manage and reverse these trends. Ensuring both iconic species continue to play a vital role in our environment and culture.

We need to give more adult fish the chance to spawn if we are to ensure the survival of the species in Welsh rivers.

We have already asked anglers and netsmen to voluntarily release the fish they catch, we now feel after reviewing the evidence and liaising with our stakeholders it’s time to introduce further controls on fishing for salmon and sea trout.

The proposed catch controls include all Welsh rivers. We recognise the need for a fully integrated approach for our border rivers, we are working together with the Environment Agency to ensure that this happens in a practical and sensible way and will be subject to a later consultation.

The proposals are in three parts:

  • Net Limitation Order
  • Rod and Line Catch Controls (Byelaws) (expected consultation late August)
  • Border Rivers Catch Controls (Byelaws) (expected consultation late 2017)

Net Limitation Order


The Net Limitation Order is open for objection for 12 weeks from 1 August, 2017 until 24 October, 2017. 

By email to