View of a peatland bog water pool

Peatlands are amongst Wales’ rarest and most important habitats.  On this page, you will find activity plans covering everything from ‘Why are bogs important?’ to instructions on how to calculate how much carbon is locked up in a square metre of peat.

All the activities and games will help you deliver against current curriculum and will enable learners to progress in the way described in the four purposes of the Curriculum for Wales.

Why are bogs important?

This activity explains the many benefits that peatlands provide for both people and the environment.

Why are bogs important? (activity plan)
Why are bogs important? (resource cards)

To bog or not to bog? That is the question

Think you know bogs?  Put your knowledge to the test by playing this interactive game.

To bog or not to bog? (activity plan)
To bog or not to bog? (resource cards)
To bog or not to bog? (statements and answers)

Peat is neat – water filtering challenge

This activity focuses on the important role that peat soils in the uplands and wetland bogs play in helping to retain and naturally filter water.

Peat is neat (activity plan)
Peat is neat (worksheet)

A guide to peatlands 

Want to learn about peatlands? How they form and why they are important? It's all explained in our information note.

Peatland bog Carbon Calculator

...coming soon.

New LIFE for Welsh Raised bogs

Learn more about the national restoration programme for raised bogs and peatland habitat in Wales.  Visit the LIFE Welsh Raised Bogs project webpage.

Outdoor learning research

Want to learn about the health and well-being benefits of outdoor learning? Need to justify taking your learners outdoors? Check out our information posters.

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