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Are you looking to engage your learners in understanding the climate emergency? Why not try out some of our hands on activities to support and encourage them to help take positive action.

Encourage your learners to investigate how our energy usage is contributing to the climate and nature emergencies and why we need to change to sustainable, green energy sources through our hands on activities.

Engage in some outdoor learning whilst meeting aspects of the Digital Competency Framework with these activity ideas.

How long would it take your learners to walk the entire Wales Coast Path? Could your learners help to promote the Path by designing a promotional leaflet or writing newsletter? Check out our cross-curricular activities.

Find out about animals, habitats and biodiversity, check out our resources

Making the most of our natural environment to promote language, literacy and communication – check out our resources.

Encourage your learners to explore our natural environment through the expressive arts

Do you want to promote mathematics and numeracy in the natural environment? Check out our resources

Interested in promoting health and well-being in the natural environment? Check out our resources

Unleash your natural senses and discover the natural environment with the help of our resources

Looking for resources to help explain how flooding happens, its impacts and effects?

Find out about woodlands and trees – check out our resources.

Looking for resources to explain the damaging impacts and effects of litter, fly-tipping and waste on the natural environment?

Want to explain sustainable development to your learners? What can they do to make a difference? Check out our resources.

Want to learn about all things wet and watery? Check out our learning resources.

Learn out about peatlands, check out our resources

Learn about coastal ecosystems, processes and marine habitats – check our resources.

Check out our ideas and activities to help you engage in some outdoor nature play and family fun.

Sand dunes are a familiar sight along beaches and coastal areas. Offering coastal protection, these habitats support numerous species of plants, animals and insects. Get your learners learning on, about, and for sand dunes with our suite of cross-curricular learning resources.

Are you looking to maximise the learning and experience opportunities that a small orchard can provide? If you find the idea of cultivating an orchard with your learner’s 'apple-ing' these resources are 'juiced' the ticket.

Involving learners in the safe making of small campfires or safely using tools, is the best way to teach important life skills, embedding good practice to keep themselves, others and the natural environment safe.

From plastic pollution to water pollution, here you will find resources to explain how pollution incidents happen, their impacts and effects on both the natural environment and people.