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Sign up to receive flood warnings

Sign up for flood warnings

You’ll need:

  • the address or location you are registering for
  • a phone number you can be contacted on day or night
  • an email address

The service is free.


Or you can sign up by calling the 24-hour Floodline service:

Telephone: 0345 988 1188

Type talk: 0345 602 6340

Find out about call charges on

What is our flood warning service?

We monitor rainfall, river levels and sea conditions to provide 24/7 flood forecasting, allowing us to issue warnings across much of Wales.

By signing up to receive flood warnings you will be notified by text message, phone call and/or email of warnings as soon as they are issued for your chosen location. This should give you time to prepare for flooding.

You can sign up for more than one location. This could be for:

  • your home address
  • a business
  • other property you own
  • other locations of interest (for example a relative’s house)

Our warning service covers around 90% of the properties at risk of flooding from rivers or the sea in Wales, and we are continually working to extend this service.

Our warning service will tell you:

  • the type of flood warning
  • the location affected
  • the expected timing
  • action to take

You can call Floodline or read about how to prepare for flooding

If you live outside our flood warning areas

You can sign up for the nearest relevant area by searching by town or city and selecting from the list. This can help to make sure you are aware of conditions that might affect you.

Some locations will only receive flood alerts; not flood warnings. Flood alerts cover large areas and can give advance warning about the possibility of flooding.

Flood alerts are issued earlier and more often that flood warnings.

What types of floods do we warn about?

Our flood warning service covers floods from rivers and the sea.

You may also be at risk of flooding from other sources which we don’t warn for:

  • surface water
  • small watercourses

These types of flooding can occur very quickly and are often very localised, meaning there isn’t time to issue advance warning messages.

However, there are several ways to learn more about this risk:

  • our 5-day flood forecast gives an indication if flooding from these sources is considered possible in the wider area in the next 5 days
  • check your flood risk by postcode to see the long-term risk from these sources. This can help you decide if you need to take steps to reduce your risk
  • your local authority can provide more information, support and advice on threat from surface water and small streams

Updating your details or cancelling your account

Sign in or call Floodline if you want to update your details or cancel your account.

If you think you have registered for this service, but have not received flood warnings or alerts, please get in touch with us so we can check your registration.

Welsh Language messages

You can choose to receive warnings and correspondence in either Welsh or English.

In an emergency we may send you warning information in English instead of Welsh.

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