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River Basin Management Plans Published 2015 - 2021

The Western Wales River Basin Management Plan and the Dee River Basin Management plan have been approved by Ministers and published on our website. The Habitats Regulation Assessments have been undertaken and concluded no likely significant effect. Both assessments are also published

The plans are about the pressures facing Wales’ water environment. Our rivers, lakes, wetlands, ground waters, estuaries and coastal waters, including those in protected areas all fall under these plans. They are updated on a six yearly cycle and are prepared in consultation with a wide range of organisations and individuals.

The approved river basin management plans and supporting documents are available on our website.

1) River Basin Management Plan Sign Posting Document
2) Western Wales River Basin Management Plan Summary
3) Dee River Basin Management Plan Summary
4) Progress Report for Wales 2009-2015
5) River Basin Management Planning Overview Annex
6) River Basin Management Planning Overview Annex Summary
7) Statement of Particulars for the Western Wales River Basin Management Plan
8) Statement of Particulars for the Dee River Basin Management Plan
9) Habitats Regulation Assessment of the Dee and Western Wales River Basin Management Plans – for a copy of the Annexes contact
10) Protected Area Register
11) Emissions Inventory
12) Background to the Water Framework Directive

We have developed an Infographic - Love Wales' Water to promote the river basin management plans. If you would like an A4 poster version email us at

 Love Wales' water poster

We have also developed an infographic for the Dee River Basin District.

Final Cymru Dee River Basin District Infographic  A4

The catchment summaries have been updated

They are intended to be a practical guide to aid the delivery of locally targeted actions and partnerships

Water Watch Wales provides local information on classification, projects and measures.

The Severn River Basin Management Plan is led by the Environment Agency and is published on their website:

River Basin Management Plans are an existing measure under the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) contributing to improving the state of the UK’s marine and coastal environments. The aim of the MSFD is for the UK to achieve Good Environmental Status in its waters by 2020. The full Programme of Measures which forms Part Three of the UK Marine Strategy is now published and available on the Welsh Government website:

River basin district map - Wales

River basin districts

Water Framework Directive (WFD) Cycle 2 Interim Classification 2018 for Freshwater

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has published the cycle 2 interim classification on the status of freshwater WFD water bodies in Wales. 

This is an update of the WFD second cycle 2015 classification and is named the WFD Cycle 2 Interim Classification 2018.  It enables NRW to review progress mid-point in the WFD cycle and the data is available on Water Watch Wales.  

The cycle 2 interim marine classification is expected in the winter and we will notify you when it is published. The classification for groundwater is updated every 6 years so is not included in the interim classification.

The classification will be updated every 3 years and will next be published in 2021.  A frequently asked questions document is available and queries can be emailed to

Related document downloads

Coastal risk assessment EXCEL [16.9 KB]
Groundwater risk assessment EXCEL [14.1 KB]
Lakes risk assessment EXCEL [40.5 KB]
Rivers risk assessment EXCEL [1.2 MB]
Protected Area Register EXCEL [85.9 KB]
Emissions Inventory PDF [332.8 KB]
Clwyd catchment summary 2016 PDF [1.3 MB]
Conwy catchment summary update 2016 PDF [1.2 MB]
Meirionydd catchment summary 2016 PDF [1.3 MB]
Tawe catchment summary 2016 PDF [1.7 MB]
Ynys Mon catchment summary 2016 PDF [1.3 MB]
Usk catchment summary 2016 PDF [1.6 MB]

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