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We provide high quality environmental testing and analysis by professional and experienced staff operating to the highest industry standard – accredited by UKAS, the national accreditation body for the United Kingdom to ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Our analytical services team is based at our new Natural Resources Wales Analytical Services lab at Swansea University and offers a wide range of services.

Water analysis

  • We test various water sources such as rivers and lakes to check for levels of herbicides and pesticides entering the watercourses which could have a detrimental effect on the ecosystem resulting in pollution incidents such as fish kills
  • We test 2,000 samples of bathing waters against EC standards every summer 

Soil analysis

  • Soil testing – testing of particle size which is carried out using traditional sieving methods and also Laser Diffraction
  • Carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen analysis of Soil samples and other matrixes also possible on request

Biota analysis

  • Testing of biota samples such as Shellfish to determine heavy metal toxicity as a result of bioaccumulation in flesh tissue

Sediment analysis

Metals in Marine Sediments are analysed to class leading standard, utilising low limits of detection via ICPMS, ICPOES and CVAF.

Passive sampling

We offer an expert Passive Sampling Service, which offers a more sensitive method of characterising watercourses for various pollutants such as pesticides, industrial chemicals, metals and some nutrients.

Passive sampling provides better representation of the area being sampled, as the sampling device is left in situ for a timescale of typically 2 to 4 weeks rather than the snapshot of a traditional sample. Data interpretation is key with this technique and we provide expert support from our highly qualified Technical Specialists and Scientists.

Other analytical services

We have the expertise and resources in our new laboratory to grow our services and develop more commercial aspects by expanding the range of analytical services we offer. Get in touch to discuss your testing and analysis requirements.

We work in partnership with Swansea University providing enhanced skills and synergies between the University and Analytical Services.

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