Free guided tour of Cors Caron to celebrate World Wetlands Day

A free guided tour of a celebrated raised bog will be held at the Cors Caron National Nature Reserve, near Tregaron on the 2nd February to celebrate World Wetlands Day.

The tour is being organised by Natural Resources Wales’ (NRW) LIFE Welsh Raised Bog Project.

The LIFE Welsh Raised Bogs project is the first national restoration programme for raised bogs and for any peatland habitat in Wales. Raised bogs get their name because of their domed shape and are home to rare plants and animals such as the rosy marsh moth caterpillar and the iconic bog rosemary.

As the theme of World Wetlands Day this year is ‘Wetlands and Human Wellbeing’, the tour will focus on mindfulness and the benefits of being in nature.

The tour is a walk mainly on boardwalks and will last about an hour and a half. Suitable footwear and warm clothing are advisable.

Rebecca Thomas, LIFE Welsh Raised Bog Project and Monitoring Officer said:

“We are holding this tour of Cors Caron to show the importance of a healthy peatland, and how spending time in this invaluable environment can be good for our health.

“Healthy peatlands in good condition absorb carbon from the atmosphere, which means they are massively important in the fight against the climate crisis which we all face. However, if peatlands are not in good condition they release harmful gases, including carbon, into the atmosphere.”

The LIFE Welsh Raised Bog Project is an ambitious four-year project that aims to restore seven of the very best examples of raised bogs in Wales. Almost four-square miles (over 900 hectares) will be restored to a better condition. This represents 50% of this habitat in Wales and 5% in the UK.

The tour will start at 1pm, and booking is essential to join the tour. Email to book a place.