Apply for a standard rules permit for an installation

Standard Rules Permits

Our standard rules are listed below. For each facility there is a set of rules, guidance on how to comply with the rules and a risk assessment.

We may place limits on the proximity of your activity to nature conservation sites or specify whether any point source emissions are allowed.

Applying for a standard permit saves you time and money. However, before you decide to apply you need to be aware of some important characteristics:

  • You cannot vary the rules and you have no right of appeal against them; 
  • If you want to change your operations so that a standard permit no longer works for your operation you will have to apply to change your permit to make it bespoke instead;
  • If there is a change in your local environment after your permit has been issued (for example due to a change in the definition of a groundwater source protection zone), you may need to upgrade the operation to a standard sufficient for the changed environment, or apply to change to a bespoke permit
  • For standard permit discharges to surface waters, the annual subsistence charge will start from the date the permit is issued. We recommended that you do not apply for a standard permit significantly ahead of when it is required unless you accept payment of these charges. There are currently no standard rules permits for sewage effluent to ground/groundwater
  • You should check if we are due to make any changes to the rules before you apply to make sure you will still be able to meet them when the changes are published. If not, you should consider applying for a bespoke permit. Please follow the link below for information on standard rules consultations

A standard permit can include more than one set of rules, so you can have one permit for a number of facilities. For example, you  could have one standard permit to operate a waste transfer station and a mining waste operation.

Changes to standard rule permits from October 2018

Rule sets SR2012 No9 and SR2012 No11 have been removed for new applicants. If you currently hold one of these rule sets, please contact your site compliance officer for more information.

How to apply

Make sure you understand the standard rules set, that it describes exactly what you want to do and that you will be able to meet the requirements of the rules. Read carefully through the full standard rules set and associated generic risks assessment, at the bottom of the page.

If you cannot comply with any of the standard rules, you must apply for a bespoke permit.


Application forms

When opening the forms, you may need to click 'Save and Open', 'View, Edit document' or 'Enable content'.

Please note: Once you have selected the right parts of the form you only need to fill in the sections of that form which are relevant to your application.

If you are having difficulty filling in your application then the information in the 'Help with you application' section, below may help you. If you require some pre application advice please use the contact details below.

Part A

Application form Part A - About you

Guidance notes Part A - How to complete Part A of our application form

Part B

Application Form Part B1 - Apply for a standard facilities permit

Guidance notes Part B1 - How to complete Part B1 of our application form

Part F

Application Form Part F1 - Opra, charges and declarations

Guidance notes Part F1 - How to complete Part F1 of our application form

How to pay

You can pay for your permit application in the following ways:

Call us on 0300 065 3000 between 9 and 5, Monday to Friday.


by BACS transfer to: 

Company name: Natural Resources Wales
Company address: Income Department, PO Box 663, Cardiff, CF24 0TP
Bank: RBS
Address: National Westminster Bank Plc., 2 1/2 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4BA
Sort code: 60-70-80
Account number: 10014438

Fees and charges

Read more about fees and charges in our environmental permitting charging scheme 2024/2025

Help with your application

General enquiries email -

General enquiries number 0300 065 3000 


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