Tree felling licence - environmental conditions

These conditions may be added to all felling licence applications received on or after 1 April 2024. These conditions are in addition to the current conditions relating to restocking and maintenance.

The environmental conditions will form part of your tree felling licence.

The conditions are in place to avoid or mitigate potential impacts on:

  • wildlife
  • the environment
  • biodiversity

There are three types of conditions that we can attach to your tree felling licence:

Baseline conditions

These are standard conditions that will be added to all Felling Licences, these conditions comply with the UK Forestry Standard and other relevant environmental legislation.  As part of the application process you will be asked to review the Baseline Conditions.

Tier Two conditions

We will add the tier two conditions to your tree felling licence if your proposed felling has:

  • the potential to impact on certain sensitive areas or protected species

We will add these additional conditions to your licence as well as the Baseline conditions. Where we need to consider the addition of a Tier Two condition, we will consult with you.

Bespoke conditions

We may add bespoke conditions to a licence on a site-by-site basis.   If a baseline or tier two condition is already in place, we may also need to consider a bespoke condition where there are multiple complex sensitive areas on site. Where we need to consider the addition of a Bespoke condition, we will consult with you.

Before submitting your Felling Licence Application you will need to read more about Environmental conditions in this document.


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