eSales details

  • The total volume is divided into lots across Wales. Each lot will be defined by forest area
  • Bids, expressed in price per tonne, are submitted on all volume within the lot.
  • We will award contracts that will give the best overall financial return.
  • The typical length of these contracts will be 12 months. There may in certain circumstances be requirement for a contract duration to extend into a second year. This could be because of contract size or site-specific constraints affecting the timing of operations / timber production, by agreement of both parties.


Any standing sales hardwood contracts and hardwood roadside sale contracts will likely be offered for sale via eSales.

Small roundwood

For a tender, small roundwood is defined as having a minimum top diameter of about 5cm under bark.

It is used for paper pulp, chipwood, biomass energy generation including firewood, fencing etc. Any potential fencing material will have already been removed and sold separately.

Niche market timber

The Sales and Marketing Team is working to develop a customer base interested in:

  • Minor conifer species such as Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock and Red Cedar
  • Large diameter sawlogs with butt diameters greater than 70cm
  • Long length log poles cut to random lengths with top diameter greater than 30cm. We currently market timber such as long length (3.7m - 13.5m) Douglas Fir logs
  • Brash bales or chipped material for the biofuel market

To discuss your requirements, contact esales help and support


We receive many enquiries about sourcing timber for woodfuel, particularly from the Welsh Government's Woodland Estate.

Please note that as of the 31st October 2019, woodfuel can only be purchased via lots offered during eSales events. Details of these events can be found on the eSales web pages.

For further information please contact esales help and support


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