Long-term contracts

Long-term contracts are typically five-year contracts. They are offered as standing or roadside sales. Long-term contracts are tendered at a set volume, spread equally over the contract term. Price is typically revised annually on roadside contracts and on a lot-by-lot basis on standing contracts.

There are no plans to offer any further long-term contracts at present. We will continue to monitor and review the situation and will advertise any opportunities for further contracts should the need for more arise.

Sales plan 2023-24

The sales plan 2022 - 23 shows how we will allocate our total yearly volume production between the four online sales events. The volumes we plan to market at each sale event are also split between the direct production of round timber products and standing sales.

Table of average proposed target volume offer (m3)

Date Standing sales

April eSales - 25/04/2023

180,000 m3obs

July eSales - 01/08/2023

180,000 m3obs

October eSales - 22/10/2023 

180,000 m3obs

November Interim eSales - 21/11/2023


February eSales - 07/02/2024

180,000 m3obs


720,000 m3obs


These contracts offered:

  • guaranteed long-term timber supply
  • support for investment in the timber industry in Wales

Tender process

Tenders will be advertised in the forestry journal. Registered eSales users will also be notified via eSales.

For further information please contact the eSales helpdesk

Code of practice

Code of practice for the transport of timber

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