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Identify and report pests and diseases

By recognising symptoms and informing us of concerns, everyone can play a part in keeping track of tree pests and diseases and in helping us respond to them promptly

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Everyone can help!

Trained inspectors from Natural Resources Wales, the Forestry Commission and the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) undertake routine and rapid response surveys to check woods, ports, nurseries and other locations throughout Wales for signs of pests and diseases. However, anyone and everyone can help us to keep track of threats – and to respond to them promptly – by knowing the symptoms of diseases and informing us of any concerns.

Report it!

You can use the following links to provide as much information as you can about what you have seen, where you have seen it, and the species affected

  • Tree Alert – the Forestry Commission’s online form or mobile app that collects information about pests and diseases throughout Britain
  • Observatree – a collaborative citizen science project, funded by the EU's Life programme, that aims to monitor the health of UK trees and identify threats from pests and disease

If you are not able to use the Tree Alert or Observatree resources above, you can also report your concerns to Natural Resources Wales directly. All reports will be logged and investigated further if necessary. However, if the volume of reports is high, replies to individual reports cannot be guaranteed.

A duty to report concerns

Forestry professionals in particular should note that they have a statutory duty to report certain pests and diseases under the Plant Health (Forestry) Order 2005. If you are in any doubt as to whether you should report your concerns, please contact the NRW tree health team.

Pest and disease information

With the continuous development of online resources, it is increasingly easy to access information about the pests and diseases that affect our trees and forests. The Forest Research and Animal and Plant Health Agency websites provide excellent visual and written information.

Latest information

Find details of symptoms and identification on a wide range of tree pests and diseases here:

For any tree health concerns not covered on our web pages please contact the tree health team at

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