There are no changes to our charging scheme for the year 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022.

Registration fees

The registration fee for a large-raised reservoir is £510. It is exempt from VAT.

You'll need to pay the registration fee at the time of registration.

A registration will not be considered made until payment is received.

How to pay registration fees

You can submit payment for registration of a reservoir with the registration form.

If you wish to pay by credit or debit card over the phone we will contact you when we receive your registration form.

We do not accept cash payments.


If you withdraw a registration, we reserve the right to retain the registration fee in full and make no refund.

We will not normally make a refund if the registration is withdrawn more than one calendar month after it has been made, and where we have carried out work to process the registration.

Annual compliance monitoring fees

The fee is £230. It is exempt from VAT.

An annual compliance monitoring fee is payable for high risk reservoirs.

The annual compliance monitoring charging period is from 1 April to 31 March. We will invoice you in June each year for the full amount due for the year.

If you only owe us for part of a year, we will invoice you pro rata for the period you are liable for. This can happen if we designate a reservoir as high risk part way through the year.

How to pay

Fees must be paid as soon as you receive our invoice.

Instructions for paying your fees will be included on the invoice.

We do not accept cash payments.

Forgetting or choosing not to pay

A registration which is not accompanied by the correct fee is not deemed to be ‘duly made’ and so the registration will be considered invalid and your reservoir will not appear on the register.

If a fee submitted to us is incorrect, you will be advised and asked to pay the correct amount. If a fee is not paid when due we may take action to recover the debt.

Failure to register may be considered an offence.

For the minority who fail to comply with the law, we will consider our response in line with our enforcement and sanctions policy.

If there are multiple undertakers

We apply one set of fees to a reservoir.

If you are one of several different undertakers you must agree between yourselves how to apportion the fees. We advise that any agreement is made in writing.

If you also appoint engineers, you may choose to use the same principles for apportionment.

Paying for engineers

Our fees do not include any costs for the appointment of qualified civil engineers to advise or direct work on your reservoir.

You are liable for appointing, and paying for, engineers according to your responsibilities and your reservoir’s designation.

If we consider it necessary to appoint an engineer to advise us about your reservoir using our default or emergency powers, we will seek to recover the cost of this from you. We must notify you of this beforehand and will usually advise you to make the appropriate appointment.

In an emergency, we may appoint an engineer without notification if we consider the delay would further endanger the safety of your reservoir.

Risk designation review

Initial risk designation has been included within the registration fee.

We will review our charges over time and consider whether to charge for carrying out a review of a risk designation.

All reviews of our charging schemes are subject to public consultation and approval by the Minister.

Reservoir safety

Read more about reservoir safety.

Our basis for charging

On 1 April 2013, Natural Resources Wales was appointed the duty of enforcement authority for the Reservoirs Act 1975, in Wales. This law seeks to protect public safety against the uncontrolled escape of water from large raised reservoirs.

In our work as a regulator, our duty is to ensure reservoir undertakers observe and comply with the law, we do this by providing advice and guidance so that undertakers understand the minimum standards of what they must do to help keep their dams and reservoir structures safe and are reminded of their duties for reservoir inspection, supervision and maintenance.

Natural Resources Wales in exercise of its powers provided by the Environment Act 1995, s41(1) may recover the costs of performing its functions conferred on it by the Reservoirs Act 1975; and with the approval of the Welsh Ministers, makes the following Reservoir Safety Compliance Charging Scheme.

Why you need to pay

Changes in the Reservoirs Act 1975 which came into force in 2016 introduced new responsibilities for NRW. We have agreed with Welsh Government that the cost of providing our reservoir safety regulation service should not be solely funded from the public purse. Instead, reservoir undertakers, as the holders of the main liabilities subject to regulation, should bear the appropriate costs for the activities we carry out.

The fees we charge to an individual undertaker represent a proportion of our costs for the service incurred in performing our Reservoirs Act 1975 functions and do not directly relate to the cost of regulating any particular reservoir. The income we raise from our charges covers only a part of our overall costs under the Reservoirs Act 1975. For example, we do not charge for our costs for enforcement action because we will seek to recover these directly from an offender.

A charge is payable for any reservoir registered under section 2(2B) of the 1975 Act, applicable from 1 October 2017.

Contact us

For billing enquiries please refer to the email addresses on the front of your invoice.

If you have any queries regarding the interpretation of charges please contact the charges team:

Charges Team, Finance & Corporate Services, Natural Resources Wales, Tŷ Cambria, 29 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 0TP

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