The Natural Resources Body for Wales Salmon and Sea Trout River Severn byelaws

We are seeking your views on proposals for a new catch controls on the River Severn in Wales.

It is proposed to have the new controls in place for the 2019 season.


There are continuing concerns around the numbers of salmon returning to our rivers. Stocks have reached unprecedented lows in recent years and the future of many fisheries is now threatened. Put simply, there are not enough adult fish spawning to sustain stocks at their current levels or to prevent further decline.

In order to help tackle these concerns, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is proposing several actions which will help reverse the trend and ensure this iconic species may continue to play an important role in our environment and culture.

In August 2018, we launched our consultation on catch controls, but this excluded the cross-border rivers with England. This further consultation now is on the Welsh parts of the cross-border River Severn. The Environment Agency has carried out an identical consultation on the English parts of the Severn. In this way, we can seek to ensure that integrated solutions are rolled-out on the river. We recognise the need for a fully integrated approach for our border rivers, we are working together with the Environment Agency to ensure that this happens in a practical and sensible way.

The byelaws will apply to the catchment of the River Severn (In Wales only) include: -

  • Require all salmon to be returned before the 16th June
  • Prohibition of bait fishing before 16th June
  • Prohibition of some fishing hooks and trebles when fishing for salmon and sea trout

The byelaws are intended to protect vulnerable stocks, while maintaining many of the important benefits associated with the fisheries.

The controls would be in place for 10 years until the 31st day of December 2029. 


Rod and Line Catch Controls statutory consultation on will begin on 20 June and run September 12, 2018

How to respond:


Comments on the River Severn consultation should be made to Natural Resources Wales and submitted by 12/09/2018, you can submit your comments on the response form in the following ways

By email to

By post to:

David Mee,
Natural Resources Wales,
Maes Newydd,
Neath Port Talbot SA10 6JQ