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Short-term sales

Information on small roundwood, hardwood, niche market and firewood contracts offered on the Welsh Government Woodland Estate

Pile of timber

Small roundwood

For the purpose of the tender, small roundwood is defined as minimum 5cm top diameter with a maximum butt diameter of 65cm and a default length of 2.8m +/- 20cm. It includes conifer species only and may include deadwood. Any potential fencing material will have already been removed and sold separately.

Sale details

  • The total volume is divided into lots across the direct production areas in Wales. Each lot will be defined by forest area
  • Bids, expressed in price per tonne, are submitted on all or part of the volume for each lot
  • Conditional bids, for example species restrictions, length and diameter variations, supply dates etc. can also be made
  • Natural Resources Wales will award contracts that will give the best overall financial return
  • The maximum length of these contracts will be 12 months. There is an opportunity to enter into a second and final year, on successful completion of year one and by agreement of both parties. Bid price will be reviewed and adjusted to prevailing market conditions
  • Standard purchase of small Roundwood contract


Any standing sales hardwood contracts and hardwood roadside sale contracts will likely be offered for sale via E-Timber Sales. This timber is typically marketed as hardwood firewood. Contract holders that expressed an interest in hardwood firewood will be automatically informed when lots become available.

Future production

Wales Harvesting and Marketing (WHaM) is working to develop future hardwood production plans across Wales. This includes the possibility of long-term hardwood contracts. For further information on hardwood timber production, contact  e-sales help and support

Niche Market Timber

WHaM is working to develop a customer base interested in:

  • Minor conifer species such as Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock and Red Cedar
  • Large diameter sawlogs with butt diameters greater than 70cm
  • Long length log poles cut to random lengths with top diameter greater than 30cm. We currently market timber such as long length (3.7m - 13.5m) Douglas Fir logs
  • Brash bales or chipped material for the biofuel market

To discuss your requirements, contact  e-sales help and support


We receive many enquiries about sourcing timber for woodfuel and firewood, particularly from the Welsh Government's Woodland Estate.

For a useful guide on obtaining a woodfuel supply, answers to frequently asked questions and a flowchart of the woodfuel supply chain, read the Obtaining a Woodfuel Supply and FAQs and the Woodfuel Supply Chain

Further information

For further information see the Firewood Framework Contract below or go to our Long-term Contracts or E-Sales pages.

Firewood Framework Contract

The Firewood Framework Contract (FFC) was launched in May 2010 in response to growing demand for wood as fuel from Welsh Government Woodland. This was an opportunity to develop a firewood supply chain in Wales. The FFC creates a network of local firewood merchants and community enterprises that purchase our firewood timber at roadside for processing into domestic firewood to supply local markets.

List sign-up

There will be opportunities to join the list in the future. Use our Firewood Merchants Map to find firewood suppliers in your area.

Key points of the Firewood Framework Contract

  • Firewood is defined as residual, softwood timber at roadside. The specification will vary. Full lorry loads (approx. 25 tonnes) may be in two or more locations
  • Available firewood in a zone will be offered on a quarterly basis. There is no guarantee of an offer. A merchant is not obliged to accept any offer
  • Merchants are ranked in each zone. All offers are made in the order they are ranked
  • Merchants will meet a staff member on site to agree measure and despatch method (Refer to the Haulage of Round Wood Code of Practice in the right hand menu)
  • A cash sale contract is issued. Once signed and payment is received, the timber can be uplifted. A PIN and conveyance note is required to authorise every uplift from Welsh Government Woodland

Firewood Framework Contract process

Annually we will:

  • Invite existing contract holders to renegotiate firewood zones and price
  • Invite new parties to tender for framework contracts
  • Review the process and service provided under the FFC through feedback from contract holders

Further information

Please read the details of all merchants on the framework contract

For further information please contact e-sales help and support

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