Resilient ecosystems rely on biodiversity being in a healthy state. Through complex interactions ecosystems support the essential services and benefits that well-being depends on.

Resilient ecosystems are fundamental to achieving Wales's well-being goals. We can only expect to achieve the sustainable management of natural resources (SMNR) when biodiversity is properly maintained and enhanced. An assessment of biodiversity is therefore a crucial part of assessing the success of achieving SMNR.

The biodiversity assessment draws upon evidence from across SoNaRR2020, as well as other published material and global analyses, to outline the state of biodiversity relevant to Wales. It is supported by case studies illustrating the plight of some of Wales’s key species and habitats. These aim to inform action to improve the state of biodiversity.

While the picture is complex with both winners and losers for different species, the overall trend is one of serious decline, reflecting the global nature emergency detailed by the United Nations.

The report conclusions explore options for maintaining and enhancing biodiversity in Wales. It takes a look at the wider changes needed to further protect and restore biodiversity.

Our assessment

Download the SoNaRR2020: Biodiversity chapter (PDF)

The chapter assesses the state and trends of biodiversity in Wales and the key pressures affecting species and habitats. Biodiversity improvement priorities and actions are demonstrated through case studies.

The pressures, impacts and opportunities for action identified by the Biodiversity chapter can be found in the natural resource registers for the ecosystems.

The Biodiversity chapter's evidence needs are included in the overall evidence needs table.


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