SoNaRR interim report 2019: Progress on SoNaRR 2016 evidence gaps

Arable systems

We wanted to know whether arable systems in Wales are maintaining soil carbon levels.

Soil carbon level data from the Glastir Monitoring and Evaluation Programme (GMEP) will help with this.

Adaptations in farming systems

We had limited knowledge regarding the viability of likely adaptations in farming systems due to climate change.

This has been partly filled from work undertaken by Welsh Government Soil Mapping Team - Climate change impacts on cropping.

Flood attenuation and water purifications

The spatial distribution of opportunities for natural solutions for flood attenuation and water purification is being addressed.

We are using the SCCAN (Natural Resource Planning Support System) maps and Area Statement local engagement.


The management regimes for improved grasslands that support and optimise productivity and minimise negative impacts on other systems have been identified through a literature review.

We're conducting this within the Environment and Rural Affairs Monitoring and Modelling Platform (ERAMMP).

Forestry management systems

We wanted to know about forestry management systems that encourage diversity and can contribute to restoring, maintaining and enhancing the resilience of woodland ecosystems.

Forest Research guidance is now available.

Wetlands and catchment storage

Ground-truthing of existing wetland opportunity maps and wider catchment storage capability is being addressed by using the SCCAN maps and Area Statement local engagement.

Spatial opportunities for wetlands to increase habitat connectivity and help manage them is also being addressed by using the SCCAN maps and Area Statement local engagement.

Marine environment

We have new records on the extent of Sabellaria spinulosa in the marine environment.


The National Forest Inventory Condition report, due for publication in February 2020, will provide new data on extent and condition of woodlands, including coniferous forests.

Nitrogen oxide concentrations

We can use the Welsh Government's modelled data to help our understanding of how the built environment affects nitrogen oxide (NOx) concentrations.

Some of the needs identified in SoNaRR 2016 are no longer required since we've reconsidered them using our method of assessment.

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