SoNaRR interim report 2019: How we prioritise new evidence needs

Ensuring it is a critical need

This aims to determine whether similar evidence is already in existence, whether it is appropriate for use in assessing sustainable management of natural resources and whether it is robust enough to base decisions on.

It also questions the spatial and temporal resolution of evidence in existence and the resolution we need to be able to make an assessment.

This question acts as a filter to ensure only critical needs are prioritised.

Assessing if the need is achievable

This relates to the timeframe of work required to fulfil this need.

Short term is for May 2020 for use in SoNaRR 2020, medium term by May 2025 for use in SoNaRR 2025 or long term, for after May 2025 for use in future reports.

Considering contributions to a strategic evidence programme

This considers the sustainable management of natural resources measures and wellbeing goals the evidence need relates to.

Considering added value

'Collect once, use for other purposes' considers which other projects the evidence could be used for and which indirect and direct drivers it relates to.

We may, for example, be able to use the evidence in Area Statements, corporate reporting, or our other statutory duties.

Considering knock-on effects

We determine the risks of not meeting the evidence need in relation to the quality of evidence and the assessment that can be made about wellbeing, economy and our reputation.

This helps us consider how substantial this risk is.

The answers to these questions help us prioritise needs which are most important for the assessment of sustainable management of natural resources and the timeframe they could be available in.

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