Our values

This information is part of our Corporate Plan to 2030

Our values

We are proud to serve the people of Wales by being:

  • Connected: we value our deep-rooted attachment to the land and water, nature and communities of Wales and build meaningful partnerships
  • Bold: we use our voice, take action to make a difference and lead by example
  • Caring: we listen to understand, care for each other and the communities we serve, and the environment we all depend on
  • Resourceful: we explore new ways of doing things, innovate to accelerate change and use our resources effectively.‚Äč

These values reflect, in part, where we are now as well as our aspirations for the future. They are intrinsic to the successful delivery of our vision and mission.

The values will be front and centre of everything we do to deliver the corporate plan; they will be embedded in our brand, our storytelling, our learning and development, leadership and management. All our work conversations and behaviours will be rooted in these values.

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