Work continues to tackle illegal fishing

Patrols to deter illegal fishing in Wales continue through lockdown, with measures in place to work within the Government’s Covid 19 social distancing guidelines.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) staff are out and about this week, with the Welsh Government’s Sea Fisheries department and North Wales Police Rural Crime Team, to deter illegal fishing for seabass, sea trout and salmon in the Menai Strait.                                                                                             

Vanessa Lang, NRW Team Leader in North Wales said:

“We remain determined to prevent illegal and reckless behaviour by a small minority that damage our native fish stocks and natural environment.
“Our staff are out on patrol so that criminals know we are still watching out for them and taking evidence that will be used where we suspect offences have occurred.”

People are encouraged to check that fish they buy locally - particularly through social media - are from a legitimate source.

If anyone suspects they have been approached by or seen someone selling fish that may have been caught illegally, they should contact NRW’s freephone hotline, open 24/7, on 0300 065 3000.

Sea Fisheries Bylaws prohibit the use of certain nets from 1 April 1 to 30 November each year.

The restricted areas include the whole of the Menai Strait and most estuaries in Wales to protect migratory salmon and sea trout, as well as other species.