Remedial works on Llangunnor Flood Wall imminent following recommendation in Structural Assessment

Remedial work to repair leaking joints in Llangunnor flood defence wall, Carmarthen, will be completed by late summer 2021.

The work is a direct outcome from a full structural assessment that was undertaken by consultants for NRW in May 2020, following the overtopping of the flood wall during Storm Callum in October 2018.  Businesses behind the wall were severely flooded at that time. Subsequent to the 2018 event, water has been seeping through the wall during the major events that have impacted Carmarthen town since.

The findings of the report completed last week have concluded that the structural stability of the wall is sufficient to withstand storm events and that it should not fail in the unfortunate instance of it being overtopped in a future storm event. 

The report also highlights remedial work needing to be undertaken on the joints in the wall to prevent water seepage.

Huwel Manley, Operations Manager, Natural Resources Wales, said:

“We welcome the findings from the structural assessment, which included the taking of core samples from the wall and laboratory analysis of the concrete and internal steelwork. 
“The findings now enable us to move forward with the work to re-grout and re-seal joints in the wall where water has been leaking through.  We have already had early engagement with contractors, and we are aiming to get this work completed by the end of August. 
“As an interim solution, we have been working with Carmarthenshire County Council to pump flood water from the behind the wall to protect those businesses affected and we are grateful for their assistance in running the pumping operation during recent flood events.”

Natural Resources Wales and Carmarthenshire Council officers met with Carmarthenshire Council Leader Emlyn Dole and local councillors to share the findings of the report.

Cllr Emlyn Dole, Leader of Carmarthenshire County Council, said:

“We have been in discussion with NRW in relation to the flood defence wall at Old Llangunnor Road since Storm Callum in 2018 and have also been in discussion with local businesses.

“We have been supporting NRW with temporary arrangements for controlling flood water as far as is practicable during recent storm events.

“It is reassuring to learn that the stability of the wall has been verified and there are no concerns over the structural integrity of the flood defence structure.”

NRW works closely with Carmarthenshire County Council and other partners before, during and after severe weather events to reduce the risk of flooding to householders and businesses in the area where feasible. 

For more information on how to be prepared for flooding, visit NRW’s website.