NRW urging farmers to renew their waste exemptions as deadlines approach

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) are advising farmers and members of the agricultural industry to ensure their waste exemptions are renewed before they expire this summer.

Most farmers need to register waste exemptions with NRW to use waste in common farming activities such as building tracks with rubble, using tyres on top of silage sheets, or burning hedge cuttings. These activities all need an exemption registered at the farm.

Exemption holders are asked to renew their exemptions every 3 years as their registration expires in order to continue managing waste safely and legally.

A waste exemption allows a holder to carry out small scale waste management activities including the use, treatment, storage and disposal of waste.

Exemptions are free to apply for and come with conditions to avoid damaging the environment.

We’re encouraging farmers to renew using our online system. If the exemptions are due to expire within the next month the “renew” option will be visible.

Farmers can find their existing registration on the system by typing in their farm name or the name of the farm owner. If they don’t have these details, they can find them on our exemptions public register.

Geraint Richards, lead specialist advisor on waste policy for NRW, said:

“Keeping track of the waste activities going on across Wales and ensuring they’re being carried out safely is a big part of the work we do and making sure people and businesses have their exemptions up to date is a big help in doing that.
“Renewing your exemption is free, easy and much quicker than having to start a new application if your exemption expires.
“This is a busy time of year for us so we’re asking anyone who has an exemption due to expire to head over to our website to get the renewal process started as soon as possible. You can also give us a ring on 0300 065 3000 if you need help with your renewal.”