NRW calls on businesses to help stop waste tyre dumping

Natural Resources Wales is calling on businesses that produce waste tyres to help prevent the illegal dumping and burning of tyres in the Neath Port Talbot and Bridgend areas.

Pippa Sabine, Tackling Waste Crime officer for NRW, said:

“There have been an increasing number of instances of waste tyres being illegally dumped and burned which not only harms the environment but can also have a significant impact on people’s health and the local economy.
“NRW has contacted local businesses which produce waste tyres for their help in tackling this problem by checking where their waste tyres end up.”

All businesses have a legal responsibility to ensure their waste doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. 

Pippa added:

“Before engaging a contractor to remove waste, businesses should: follow these guidelines
  • Ask if your contractor is registered to carry waste. You can check the Waste Carriers Brokers and Dealers Public Register on the NRW website
  • Ask where they are taking your tyres. This should be to a site that holds a waste permit, you can check permitted sites on the NRW website.
  • Ask for a transfer note, this will tell you where your waste has gone. You should keep a copy of this note for two years.
“And remember if you are offered a price for disposing of your tyres that seems too good to be true, think twice as it probably is.”

Waste crime is a serious problem costing business, landowners and taxpayers millions of pounds every year and causing significant harm to the environment, human health and wildlife.

Anybody who suspects illegal waste activity in their area should report it via NRW’s’ incident hotline on 0300 065 3000.