Managing Wales’ flood risk – NRW launches new mini podcast series

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has launched a 10-part podcast mini-series focused on how it manages flood risk in Wales against the backdrop of a changing climate.

Each episode looks at a particular element of managing flood risk, and covers a range of topics including coastal adaptation, flood forecasting and the management of flood defences.

The series was put together to show the often-unseen work that goes into managing flood risk in Wales, and to explain the impact that the climate crisis is having on NRW’s work now, and how it is adapting to tackle an increased flood risk in the future.

In each episode, specialist NRW staff share their stories of how they got into their field of work and explain their role in the overall NRW effort to reduce flood risk and help communities in Wales.

Jeremy Parr, Head of Flood and Incident Risk Management for NRW said:
“We face major environmental challenges here in Wales and across the world. The climate and nature emergencies, and sea level rise, will all have impacts on the way we live our lives in the future and we’ll need to face-up to these challenges by finding sustainable and innovative solutions.
“These ten episodes will give you an insight into the various ways that we manage flood risk here in Wales. Our work is wide ranging, and in each conversation, you’ll hear from specialists in a particular area of flood risk management.
“You will find out about how their career paths developed and what they do in their roles to reduce flood risk in Wales.”

The podcast series is available from all major podcast providers, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music and more. Just search for Cyfoeth: The Natural Resources Wales Environment Podcast to listen.