Developing NRW’s Climate Emergency response

Wales Climate Week (2-6 November 2020)

Electric all-terrain vehicles and solar battery tools are being trialled by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) as part of its drive to help the Welsh public sector become carbon neutral by 2030.

If the trials are successful, the eco-friendly vehicles could replace NRW’s all-terrain vehicles and quad bikes, leading to a 65 percent reduction in their CO2 emissions. And tools, such as strimmers and chainsaws, charged by solar power, reduce their emissions by around 99 percent.

Greening its land management work is just a small part of NRW’s response to the Welsh Government’s declaration of a Climate Emergency last year.

Sir David Henshaw, Chairman of Natural Resources Wales, welcomes the Welsh Government’s series of events for Wales Climate Week as a great opportunity for anyone passionate about climate issues to come up with practical examples of what individuals and organisations can do to help fight climate change. 

As part of the week’s activities, NRW is organising an online workshop to develop joint efforts to reduce emissions across public sector organisations in Gwent. There are also internal webinars for staff, to give an update on NRW’s decarbonisation programme and work to address climate change in the marine environment.

Sir David, who also leads the Green Recovery Taskforce for the Welsh Government, said: “These challenging times have brought into sharp focus just how much the environment underpins every facet of our life - our health and wellbeing, the food we eat and the wealth of our nation.
“We are determined to work tirelessly with others to help Wales find a path towards a truly green recovery from this crisis that will tackle climate change.
“Giving everyone an opportunity to share ideas by joining a national conversation on climate change is key to finding solutions. I would encourage everyone to check out the Welsh Government’s series of free, digital and interactive events - ”

NRW has already committed to the following steps.

  • Improving the management of forests and peatlands so that they store more carbon;
  • Being more energy efficient and generating renewable energy where possible at offices;
  • Rapidly increase use of electric vehicles;
  • Exploring more opportunities to generate renewable energy on NRW managed land;
  • Giving more consideration to the use of carbon in everything purchased;
  • Sharing NRW’s experience of managing carbon emissions with other public-sector bodies to help bring about a greener public sector.
  • Factoring in the inevitable global warming in all that we do and helping Wales adapt to the changes ahead.


Notes to Editors:

  • Clare Pillman, NRW’s Chief Executive will provide the opening address at the event on Wednesday 4 November, setting set the scene on the day’s discussions on land use and nature-based solutions and encouraging personal actions.