Consultation launched on draft decision to issue licence to release beavers into enclosure

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A public consultation has been launched on a draft decision to issue a licence to allow the release of up to six beavers into an enclosure at Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve, near Machynlleth in mid Wales.

The application has been submitted by the Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust to release the beavers into a purpose-built enclosure on the south side of the River Dyfi on land managed by the Trust. The application was made as a species licence is required to release Eurasian Beavers in Wales.

After assessing the application and supporting information, NRW is of the opinion that the application is suitable and that a licence should be issued.

Before making a final decision, NRW will give the public the opportunity to view the draft licence and decision document and to submit any relevant information which may not have been considered.

John Wheadon, Permitting Service Manager for NRW said:

We know that people have strong feelings both in favour and against releasing beavers. This is why we feel it’s right to consult publicly on our draft decision to issue a licence to release up to six beavers into a purpose-built enclosure at Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve.
After looking carefully at the information provided with the application, we are of the opinion that the application meets legal requirements and that we should issue the licence. The consultation is an opportunity for people to raise any matters that we may not have considered in coming to our draft decision.

NRW is required to issue a licence if the applicant can show that the site will be operated to appropriate standards and all the legal requirements will be met. A licence cannot be refused solely on the basis that there is opposition to the activity. Any representations to the consultation that oppose the draft decision must therefore detail how issuing the licence would be unlawful.

The consultation launches on 14 September and will close on 11 October 2020. The application, supporting information and the consultation are available online.