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Register your waste exemptions

How to register or re-register a waste exemption, including bulk exemptions and waste exemptions for farm waste activities

Please note that the links to GOV.UK are for further information on waste Exemptions criteria only and should not be used to register your Exemption(s). You must use the NRW link below to register your exemption or it will be invalid.

If you’ve read the guidance to check your waste operation meets all the limits and conditions of an exemption, then:

  • check you have all the right information ready before you start your registration
  • start to register or re-register your waste exemptions online
  • leave us feedback so we can improve the service 

What is a waste exemption?

You may need a environmental permit for waste activities if your business uses, treats, recovers, stores or disposes of waste.

Some waste activities are exempt from needing a Permit and can operate under an exemption instead.

There are around 60 different exemptions available and each one allows certain activities involving waste to be carried out. Each one also has limits and conditions attached which you must adhere to or the exemption will be considered invalid.

If you want to operate under a waste exemption you must register that exemption with us. If you don’t register or you are operating outside the limits set in the exemptions, you may be at risk of enforcement action.

Each registration lasts 3 years. The registration will then expire unless you re-register the Exemptions you want to continue to use.

Before you register or re-register

Information you'll need ready to register/re-register online

To complete your online registration you’ll need the:

  • number and description for each waste exemption you want to register (eg, U1 - use of waste in construction) - you can find these in the exemption guidance
  • name and address of the individual, business or organisation that will be carrying out the waste operations
  • registration number and registered address details if you’re registering waste exemptions for a limited company or limited liability partnership
  • name and address of the person who will be sent the registration confirmation
  • address and postcode for all the locations where the exempt activity is being carried out, or a 12-digit National Grid reference if there is no postcode

How much does a waste exemption cost?

It’s free to register all waste exemptions except for a T11 WEEE exemption which costs £840.

How to register

Register your waste exemption(s) here

You can also apply by completing the electronic form and emailing it to us

Once registered your exemption details will appear on our waste exemption public register.

We have to register your application on a new system. Unfortunately this means that your details won’t come up when you register for the first time. However, the new system is quicker and easier to use than our previous one, and you will find future re-registering more straightforward.

Amending the details of existing exemptions

Once registered you can’t amend your registration details online.

You will need to contact us if you need to amend an existing registration during the three years registration period.

  • What you can ask us to amend: Changes to correspondence/customer contact ie address, phone number, email
  • What you can’t ask us to amend: Changes to site details (address where waste operations take place)

How to add new exemptions to a site already registered?

If you want to add new exemptions to your site you must contact us to de-register your current registration. Then, you will have to re-register your site for the correct exemptions you require.

You will then be given a new waste exemption reference number.

Please quote the exemption reference number when you write to us.

Customer Care Centre
Natural Resources Wales
29 Newport Road
Cambria House
Cardiff, CF24 0TP


Linear networks

In most cases, an exempt waste operation happens at a place you can define by a single postcode or grid reference. If it takes place on a stretch of road, river, canal or railway (a linear network) you may not be able to pinpoint the activity to one place but you may still be able to register - this is applicable to Exemptions U1, U12, D1 and D2.

To register a linear network you must attach copy of a map or spreadsheet detailing the network the registration is referring to.

Once you have completed the electronic form Registering exempt waste operations please email it to us at or post it to us, along with your map or spreadsheet.

Register bulk waste exemptions at multiple sites

If you have more than 30 sites carrying out the same exempt waste operations you can fill out the bulk registration spreadsheet and email it to us at 

This will allow you to paste data from other existing data you may hold. As your sites changes you can submit an updated spreadsheet to replace the old one.

  • You will need to fill out the electronic form for Registering exempt waste operations with all your contact details and complete the Declaration
  • Fill in all of Part A
  • In Part B1 indicate that you have submitted a spreadsheet. You do not need to fill out anything else in Part B
  • You must read Parts C, D and E
  • Complete Part F
  • Now complete the Electronic Bulk registration form. Once you have completed the forms please email both of them to us:

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Registering exempt waste operations Form WEX001 PDF [320.2 KB]

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