Permanent deposit of waste for recovery

Natural Resource Wales strongly supports the genuine recovery of waste rather than its disposal. It is important to clearly distinguish between recovery and disposal operations to ensure they are properly permitted and subject to the right legal and environmental controls.

Waste Recovery Plan (WRP) assessment

There is now a fixed charge of £800 to assess a new, varied or revised WRP. This charge is separate to any permit application charge. This is in accordance with our Environmental Permitting charging scheme and guidance for 2019/20. 

You must fill in Application Form Part F1 and submit this with your waste recovery plan.   

Application Form Part F1 

Guidance notes Part F1 

How to pay

You can pay for your permit application in the following ways:

Call us on 0300 065 3000 between 9 and 5, Monday to Friday.


by BACS transfer to: 

Company name: Natural Resources Wales
Company address: Income Department, PO Box 663, Cardiff, CF24 0TP
Bank: RBS
Address: National Westminster Bank Plc., 2 1/2 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4BA
Sort code: 60-70-80
Account number: 10014438

Fees and charges

Read more about fees and charges in our environmental permitting charging scheme.


Our guidance must be referred to by applicants seeking a recovery permit for the permanent disposal of waste on land. This means the applicant must compile a waste recovery plan.

The waste recovery plan must be written in line with the guidance Waste recovery plans and permits.

Types of permit available

We have two types of permit available: standard rules permits and bespoke permits. There's more information on each type of permit below.

Look at our How to apply for an environmental permit page before you apply, for up-to-date information on the application process.

Applying for a standard permit

There is a rule set that you can apply for, provided you can meet the strict criteria within the rule set:

  • SR2017 No1- Use of waste in a deposit for recovery activity (construction, restoration, reclamation or improvement of land other than by mobile plant)- Maximum volumetric capacity of recovery operation 60,000 m3

Go to our Apply for a standard permit for waste activities if you think you can benefit from a standard permit.

Changes to standard rule permits from 1 August 2017

Rule sets SR2010 No7, SR2010 No8, SR2010 No9, and SR2010 No10 have been removed for new applicants, and a number of rule sets have been amended.

If you currently hold one of these rule sets, and we haven’t been in touch with you, please contact your site compliance officer.

Applying for a bespoke permit

If you cannot comply with any of the standard rules then you must apply for a bespoke permit. Your application must include additional information about the criteria that you cannot meet and how you intend to control the associated risks. 

Go to our Apply for a bespoke permit for waste activities if you want to apply for a bespoke permit.

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