EIA Apply for our opinion

Find out how to get our opinion on whether you need Natural Resources Wales's consent for your forestry project

Find out if you need our consent

If your project is above the area threshold you must find out whether you need Natural Resources Wales's consent by completing and submitting the opinion form. You must also provide the following:

  • A map or plan identifying the land where the proposed project will take place and the extent of the project. Use a clear Ordnance Survey map at a scale of 1:10,000 or 1:2,500
  • A brief description of the proposed work
  • A description of the impacts the project may have on the environment
  • Any other information that might be relevant

When you can expect our decision

We can only make a decision when we have all the relevant information to hand. We might ask you for more information in addition to that which you have already provided.

Regulations require that we make our decision within 28 days of receiving all relevant information but we might ask you to agree to a longer period.

We will inform you of our decision either by letter or email, work must not start until you are in receipt of this written confirmation

If consent is NOT required

If our consent is not required, you can start work straight away. Alternatively, we will continue to process your application for grant aid or a felling licence in the normal way.

If consent IS required

If we inform you that consent is required for your project, you must submit an application for consent if you wish to proceed. Your application must include an Environmental Statement. For further information, please see the EIA Apply for our consent page.

Validity period of our decisions

Any decisions we make about whether or not you need consent for the work will be valid for a period of five years, or for any period shorter than that which we may specify.