We are reviewing our approach to the permissions we give for the shooting and trapping of wild birds in Wales. This includes the destruction of their nests and eggs.

This is a broad review looking at the different types of permissions that we offer and our processes used to deliver these activities.

There are several work streams in this review:

  • Review of our approach to wild bird control licensing (general and specific licences)
  • Review of the impact on Welsh fisheries by fish-eating birds
  • Review of our approach to regulating the shooting or capture of wild birds on Sites of Special Scientific Interest
  • Review of our approach to the regulation of the use of cage traps for the control of wild birds
  • Ensuring continuity of service for the delivery of wild bird control licensing while the review is underway

The review will look at our current approach and seek to make improvements. The review will conclude in early 2022.

Stakeholder engagement

Throughout the review we have been liaising with stakeholders.

We carried out a call for evidence in December 2020 / January 2021 encouraging anyone with evidence relevant to the review to make it available to us.

We held a 12-week public consultation on our proposals, to help inform our future approach.

The consultation ran from the 19 August to 11 November 2021 and is now closed. 

We are also working with Welsh Government and liaising with other UK bodies with wildlife licensing responsibilities. These include Natural England, NatureScot, Daera Northern Ireland and Defra.

Our current licensing

While the review is ongoing, we are continuing to deliver wild bird control licensing.

If you need to carry out control of wild birds you may be able to do so under one of our general licences.

If your proposed activity is not covered by a general licence, you will need to apply for a specific licence to control wild birds.

Contact us if you would like to know more about the wild bird review.

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