• The prices below are subject to VAT
  • We charge a £50+VAT admin fee for each application
  • Our fees are reviewed every year

Apply for permission to: film, organise an event or carry out an activity on our land

Activity Charges (Net of any VAT)


£50.00 per annum  (VAT exempt)


£50.00 per annum

Carriage driving

£50.00 per horse per annum

Carriage driving events

£50.00 for the event plus £5.00 per horse per day

Chainsaw training

£100.00 per trainee per course

Charity/sponsored events

£50.00 per event

Education and Lifelong Learning

No charge

Education: commercial


Filming and photography costs



(GPS like orienteering by single individuals)

No charge – authorisation required for set up only

Horse events

£50.00 for event plus £3.00 per horse per day

Horse riding – individuals

£50.00 where annual permits are required

Horse riding – commercial

£100.00 per horse per annum

Husky event

£50.00 for event plus £2.00 per husky rig per day

Husky training - individuals

£50.00 per annum


National Agreement fee scale

Mountain bike demo days

£50.00 per day

Mountain bike events

£50.00 for event plus £2.00 per rider per day


National Agreement fee scale

Running events

£50.00 for event plus £1.00 per runner

Environmental surveys

£50.00 (VAT exempt)

Catering to support events

£50.00 minimum

Staff time where requested by permit holder

£250.00 per day or part


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