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Black Hall Poultry Unit , Black Hall Farm, Llandyssil, Montgomery, Powys, SY15 6HR.

Advertisement of a draft determination: Black Hall Poultry Unit  

Application number: PAN-001992
Regulated facility type: Schedule 1, Part 2, Section 6.9 A(1)(a)(i) - Rearing of poultry or pigs intensively in an installation with more than: 40,000 places of poultry.
Regulated facility location: Black Hall Poultry Unit, Black Hall Farm, Llandyssil, Montgomery, Powys, SY15 6HR.

This is an application for a new bespoke intensive farming poultry free range egg-laying installation with two poultry houses with a total capacity of 64,000 bird places.

We are minded to grant the permit.  We will only grant a permit if we believe that significant pollution will not be caused and the operator has the ability to meet the conditions of the permit. Any permit we grant will include appropriate conditions to protect human health and the environment.
Information placed in the public register for consultation:
• Draft permit  
• Draft decision document

You may get a copy of documents on our public register. We may charge to cover copying costs. Alternatively, if you would prefer an electronic copy of the application, please email us at the address below.

You can also request a CD of the draft permit and draft decision by contacting us by email or in writing using the contact details below.

If you have any comments please send these by 1st March 2018


Or write to:
Permitting Team Leader (Regulated Industry)
Natural Resources Wales
Cambria House
29 Newport Road
CF24 0TP

Normally we must put any responses we receive on the public register. Please tell us if you don’t want your response to be public.

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