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How do I make a change to my Marine Licence?

Find out how to request to make changes to your Marine Licence

If you would like to make changes to your licence once it has been granted, you may apply for a variation.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that a variation request will be granted.

What type of changes can you make?

There are four kinds of variation available:

Administrative changes to your licence such as changing the address of the licence holder.

Routine change – minor change to your licence which requires no input or minimal input from our advisors. For example extending the expiry date of the licence

Complex change – a change that will require us to seek input from our advisors, for example changes to the method of the works.

Depending on the size and nature of the change requested we will consider whether a complex change can be considered or whether a new application will be required.

Transfer - Requests to transfer a Marine Licence from one licence holder to another

How to apply for a change to my licence

You will need to complete the variation application form available on the marine licence applications page, giving detail of the change required and where relevant, provide any supporting information.

Supporting information required will be dependent on the nature of the change requested but may include information such as amendments to method statements and revised drawings.

This should be accompanied with the appropriate application fee.

How much will it cost?

Please see the marine licensing fees and guidance page for information regarding our fees and charges.

The fee is based on the type of variation, if you are unclear what category your change will fall within please contact us at

How long will it take to consider a request to vary a licence?

There are no statutory timescales for determining variations to a Marine Licence.

However, our service level agreements (SLA) for determination are:

Administrative changes – 21 days
Routine Change – 8 weeks
Complex change – 4 months for band 2 application, no time limit for band 3
Transferring of licence – 21 days

Be aware that variation cannot be made to expired licences. We recommend that applications are made taking into account these service levels.

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