Our evidence

Our evidence

Find out how we use evidence to validate our work and how you can access our research, surveys, monitoring, analysis and geographical data.

Why we monitor the environment

 As an evidence-based organisation, it is critically important for us to have a good understanding of our changing environment.

 Knowing about changes in the environment allows us to adapt our activities or amend the advice we give to government and to others. 

Our strategies and plans

Our Evidence Management Strategy and Delivery Plan 2014-2016 and Knowledge Management Strategy describe in detail how we gather, use and make our evidence available to others.

How we gather evidence

We carry out and support a range of survey and monitoring projects on land, in water and in the air to gather evidence about the state of the Welsh environment and how it is changing. Our monitoring activities include the following areas:

  • water quality and quantity
  • air quality
  • biodiversity, including habitats and species
  • forest production and tree health
  • landscape character and quality
  • the condition of sites designated for their wildlife or geological interest
  • aspects of ecosystem structure and function
  • flood risk
  • recreation

In addition to monitoring work we carry out ourselves, we work in partnership with other organisations to find cost-effective approaches to surveying and monitoring.

Using our evidence

You can use our evidence to support your work or study. Resources available include: