Support available for new woodland creation

We want to see more trees and woodlands in Wales. Trees and woodlands can make a positive difference to our lives and to those of future generations. The environments they create offer opportunities for people, businesses and biodiversity. The timber they yield is a renewable resource that helps to lock up carbon.

There is support available to help you with your project whether it is for a few trees or large scale new woodland creation.


The Welsh Government’s Plant! programme has planted a tree for every baby born or adopted in Wales since 1st January 2008.

The aim is to create publicly accessible woodland, build a stronger connection between children and their natural environment and engage with local communities.

The Welsh Government, through Plant! and woodland creation grants, can offer funding to support new native woodland creation projects throughout Wales.

Before you start

Natural Resources Wales have a responsibility to ensure that new woodland creation proposals will not have a significant effect on the environment, and applicants will need to make sure they are familiar with and undertake any necessary regulatory steps before proceeding. You can find out what you need to consider by following the link to our forestry regulation pages.

Project guidance

We also provide guidance on matching suitable tree species to your site type and on how to make the most of your proposal to benefit the environment, people and your business.

The legal and best forestry practice requirements are set out in the UK Forestry Standard, and the Forestry Commission offer a large range of guidance documents available from their publications catalogue.


You may like to consider if your project is suitable for Certification, assuring future customers that products from your wood are from a sustainable source. You may like to consider whether your project is suitable as part of the Woodland Carbon Code scheme. You can find out more by following the links.

The Glastir Woodland Creation Scheme

Glastir is the Welsh Government’s sustainable land management scheme, through which financial support is offered to farmers and land managers. There are a number of different strands of the Glastir scheme, two of which are relevant to forestry: Glastir Advanced and Glastir Woodlands (covering Glastir Woodland Creation and Glastir Woodland Restoration). Find out about Welsh Government’s Glastir Woodland scheme and our roles and responsibilities

Other woodland schemes

There are a number of organisations who provide advice, financial and practical support for planting trees and creating new woodland. The Woodland Trust’s MOREwoods scheme is designed to support planting of small woods or scattered plantings covering at least half a hectare (1.25 acres). They also offer tree packs and advice to get you started.

Further help with woodland creation

Coed Cymru offer free help and advice on new woodland creation.

Confor and the Wales Forest Business Partnership websites can help inspire you with an open door to support, reports and guidance. Find out more by following the links.

New farm woodlands brochure cover

This brochure highlights how planting trees can contribute to a farm business. Download the PDF.

If you would like to contact the Sustainable Forest Management Team in Natural Resources Wales you can send your enquiry to

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