Long-term sales

Long-term sales

Information on the long-term timber contracts offered on the Welsh Government Woodland Estate.

Tractor stacking timber

Wales Harvesting and Marketing (WHaM) commit circa 50% of annual sales volume to Long Term Contracts (LTC) in line with the current Timber Marketing Strategy 2016-17

Long Term Contracts

Long Term Contracts (LTCs) are typically five-year contracts. They are offered as standing or roadside sales. LTCs are tendered at a set volume, spread equally over the contract term. Price is typically revised annually on roadside contracts and on a lot-by-lot basis on standing contracts.

There are no plans to offer any further Long-term Contracts at present. We will continue to monitor and review the situation and will advertise any opportunities for further contracts should the need for more arise.


These contracts offered:

  • A guaranteed long-term timber supply
  • Support for investment in the timber industry in Wales

Tender process

  • Tenders will be advertised in the Forestry Journal. Registered E-Timber Sales users will also be notified via E-Timber Sales.
  • All tender details are published on this web page