E Sales - Explanation of Terms

E Sales - Explanation of Terms

Electronic Sales (E Sales) is NRWs method of selling lots of both standing and roadside timber on the open market.

During Finance Year 16/17 NRW plans to hold 6 E Sale events and will be offering 2 different forms of E Sale described below.

Please note that the following is not a definitive list of sale details and changes may be made due to operational requirements. However, we hope it serves to provide customers with an outline (including maps) of the proposed programme. Any changes that are made will be updated here as soon as possible. 

Full details of individual sales available will be published on this website when appropriate as part of the normal sale timetable.

Routine E sales

Are sale lots of both Standing and Roadside timber where;

NRW will provide the civil engineering solutions to the coupe normally before the point of sale and certainly before the contract is due to start. 

Coupes will be valued and reserves set using the timber values alone.

‘Conditional’ E Sales

Are sale lots offered only on a standing sale basis where;

  1. The purchaser will be required to agree with NRW and then provide their civil engineering requirements on site as identified in the sales schedule – this may also include in individual cases the repair and maintenance of identified access/egress routes for haulage
  2. The purchaser will be required to deliver the restocking plan as identified in the sales schedule and details

Sale lots will be valued and reserves set by using the timber value whilst making reasonable cost adjustment for the likely NRW overhead - civil engineering and subsequent restocking costs to establishment at year 5.

These sales offer an opportunity to lower its overall cost base whilst offering business opportunity for the timber sector to diversify its portfolio of delivery on the NRW estate.