Wales Coastal Flooding Review: Progress Report August 2016


Following the coastal storms of winter 2013/14, the then Minister for Natural Resources asked NRW  to work with partners to complete a two-stage Wales Coastal Flooding Review, looking at impacts (Phase 1) and lessons learnt (Phase 2).

The review identified 47 individual recommendations (‘the Phase 2 Recommendations’), to help deliver a more resilient coastal flood and erosion management service for Wales.

In late 2014, a delivery plan was developed setting out how these recommendations should be carried out. When published in January 2015, the following five recommendations were already complete:

  • Recommendations 1 and 2 - publication of the delivery plan
  • Recommendation 9 - installation of a new wave buoy
  • Recommendation 10 - rebranding of the Flood Warning Service to reflect NRW
  • Recommendation 36 – evidence of environmental change report

Progress update of August 2016

A progress report has been created to capture the effort invested in implementing the delivery plan in the twenty months following its publication in January 2015 through to the end of August 2016.

Appendix 1 within the progress report provides a list of the 47 Phase 2 Recommendations. For each recommendation in turn, this progress report considers:

  • Who has been the lead on delivering the recommendation
  • If the recommendation has been completed by the end of August 2016 and if so, by when
  • Summary of the implementation of the recommendation 

By the end of August 2016, 40 Recommendations are complete and 7 remain ongoing (with significant progress made since the 2013/14 winter).

What have we delivered so far?

Of the 40 completed recommendations some tangible improvements are already benefitting the coastal risk management sector in Wales, including:

  • We have improved the supply of more local, longer-range flood forecast information to professional partners, as and when required
  • We have revised 40 of the flood warning thresholds and flood warning areas, following the December 2013 and January 2014 coastal storms
  • We have delivered a programme of coastal risk management training courses to 90 members of staff from across Risk Management Authorities (RMAs) in Wales, the Welsh Local Government Association and Welsh Government during Spring 2016

Supporting Information

A number of annexes are available below, as separate documents to provide detail and supporting information to the progress report of August 2016.

Externally produced reports have their hyperlinks within the corresponding recommendation summary page of this progress report.

Project report annex list:

Project 1 Report – Recommendation 7

Project 2 Report – Recommendations 11 and 12

Project 3 Report – recommendations 13,14,15,16 and 17

Project 4 Report – Recommendation 19

Project 5 Report – Recommendations 25 and 26

Project 6 Report – Recommendations 31 and 32

Project 7a Report – Recommendation 37

Project 7b Report – Recommendation 38

Project 8 Report – Recommendation 39

*Project 10 Report – Recommendations 18, 43, 44, 45, 46 and 47

*There is no Project 9 report for Recommendations 41 and 42 due to the longer-term, ongoing nature of Recommendation 41. The respective summary pages within the progress report recognise progress to date and associated external publications.

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