Wales Coastal Flooding Review Delivery Plan Phase 2 Recommendations

Following the flooding to the North Wales coast on 5 December 2013 and the more widespread coastal storms of early January 2014, Natural Resources Wales, working with partners around Wales, completed a two stage review as instructed by the Minister for Natural Resources. This review concluded with the identification of 47 individual recommendations (‘the Phase 2 Recommendations’).

This delivery plan consists of two parts,  the main report and supporting documents. Together these set out how these recommendations can be progressed and considers:

  • How the recommendations can be taken forwards (methodology)
  • By whom (which organisations and partners need to be involved)
  • To deliver what (continuous improvement or a specific output)
  • Indicative timescales

The recommendations include activities that can be completed and delivered relatively quickly, as well as others, such as adaptation to increasing risks, which will take place over much longer timescales.

A priority activity for Welsh Government and all coastal Risk Management Authorities has been to repair, replace and restore locations damaged by last winter’s storms. In addition, however, some notable progress has been made across the recommendations, with 5 completed and 35 underway.

The delivery plan now provides a framework for further progression of the recommendations to improve coastal flood resilience in Wales into the future.

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