This project, Wales Sustainable Communities Pilot Study was commissioned to address the specific challenges, limitations and recommendations in the 2016 Independent review of Flood Awareness Wales. It tested the new approach that was developed as part of the Defra Flood Resilience Community Pathfinder (FRCP) project in England.

The intention is that the project provides evidence for:

  1. Understanding a different approach – used successfully elsewhere in the UK
  2. Shaping future work in Wales

The main aims of the study were to:

  • Test the Pathfinder project approach to community engagement in Wales and assess its efficacy of delivery over a short timescale
  • Provide evaluation to include direct feedback from communities and individuals within the project areas. This includes a capture of their initial perceptions of improved community resilience along with the views of children and young people
  • Make recommendations on preferred approaches, comparing the existing Flood Awareness Wales approach to the Pathfinder model, and any other relevant models
  • Make recommendations which inform longer term delivery with a specific focus on the approaches that are most effective in ensuring long term sustainability

This report presents the findings of the practical action by the National Flood Forum to engage with three communities in Wales and evaluation of the work programme led by Collingwood Environmental Planning.

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