Recreation and Access Enabling Plan 2015-2020

Our Outdoor Recreation and Access Enabling Plan, as well as an associated action plan, will guide our staff, partners, land managers and practitioners as they seek to deliver the environmental, social and economic benefits of outdoor recreation across Wales. Implementation will be monitored through a Results Based Accounting plan.

A wide-ranging plan

This Enabling Plan presents our objectives for outdoor recreation and access. The scope of the Plan is wide and covers the way in which we:

  • Manage and facilitate use of our estate for outdoor recreation and access
  • Enable and work with others to facilitate and promote recreation and access across Wales, reflecting the needs of our target markets and audience

A key enabling organisation

Natural Resources Wales's role as an enabling organisation is key to this plan. Facilitating and encouraging others, as well as working with our partners, will be a core part of our activity.

NRW Recreation and Access Enabling Plan

Welsh Government's strategic position on Recreation and Access

You can find out more about the Welsh Government's strategic position on Access and Recreation here.

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