Strategic review of charging - 2021

The programme was set up in 2018 to review how we charge for the activities that we regulate and services we provide.

SRoC is not only one of the largest change programmes NRW has undertaken, it is also one of the most important. We want to continue to ensure the right charges are applied in the right places and in a fair and appropriate manner which will allow us to carry out our regulatory work while ensuring our guiding principles of Managing Welsh Public Money and the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources are maintained.

The programme has Welsh Government representation and will need to be signed off by the Minister when complete. We plan to start delivering these changes from Autumn 2022.

To ensure that all those affected by the SROC Programme have their views heard, there is a Chargepayers’ Consultative Group (CCG), made up of the representatives of the various sectors which may be impacted by any potential changes to our charging structure.

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