Our Published Advice and Guidance

We have inherited a large amount of published advice and guidance from our legacy organisations. This advice and guidance aims to support business to comply with a wide range of legislative topics across our remit and faces both internal and external audiences. Documents range from a single page of advice through to detailed instructions.

In future we will enhance our advice and guidance tailoring it to the needs of the recipient in a form that is readily understood. We will use the principles in the Regulators’ Code to inform our approach.

Our Approach

In order to support our customers in the most effective way we will ensure that the production of future advice and guidance follows some key principles:

  • Where ever possible we will produce one document for key activities that will be used both externally and internally to ensure our approach is transparent
  • Our advice and guidance will be clear, accessible and concise, and written in plain language that our customers will find easy to understand, with opportunities to provide feedback
  • Documents will be focused on assisting our customers to understand and meet their responsibilities, with legal requirements being distinguishable from suggested good practice
  • We will only produce advice and guidance documents where they are not otherwise available or where we are unable to coproduce this with others

What we’ll do next:

1. Legacy Guidance

  • We will continue to make available legacy guidance where it remains current and appropriate
  • We will engage with a range of stakeholders to better understand their requirements for guidance, liaising with other regulatory agencies to ensure we act in a joined up way
  • We will prioritise our review of existing guidance based on business intelligence and stakeholder feedback
  • We will remove from our website and intranet any guidance that is no longer necessary or fit for purpose
  • Where absolutely necessary we will edit guidance to ensure that it fully reflect our values and objectives

2. Future Guidance

  • We will review our current guidance delivery methods in line with findings from our stakeholder engagement
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