Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) – Combustion Plant


The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) contains specific provisions for combustion plant, which are included in Chapter III. These provisions apply to combustion plant with a total rated thermal input greater than or equal to 50MW. For example, this would include fossil fuel power stations, combustion in steelworks and combustion in petroleum refineries.

The provisions require the operators of such plant to comply with minimum standards as expressed in Chapter III and Annex V of the IED.

Compliance Protocol

In order to provide clarity on how to comply with the provisions of Chapter III, the participants in the Joint Environmental Programme (JEP) of the Electricity Supply Industry have developed guidance specifically for their operations.

The content has been agreed with the Competent Authorities in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, noting that there are differing legal and regulatory positions defined in the participating administrations. We will therefore refer to this document when considering our compliance approach, not only for the electricity supply industry, but for all combustion plant subject to Chapter III.

Transitional National Plan

Chapter III also includes the provisions for a Transitional National Plan (TNP). This provides for combustion plant included in this plan an additional four and a half years (from the 1 January 2016) in which to make the necessary investments in emissions abatement technology to achieve compliance with the IED Annex V emission limits for three key pollutants (oxides of nitrogen, sulphur dioxide, and dust).

Plants that are included in the TNP need to comply with an annual emission allowance for each pollutant. There is provision for operators to transfer some of their allowance to other operators, and this is facilitated through the TNP Register.

The TNP Register in managed for the UK by the Environment Agency and can be found at:

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